Breakfast in Cibolo, TX

Served All Day!

Burritos $3.29 and Tacos $1.59
Chorizo & Potatoes
Country & Beans
Bacon & Beans
Bacon & Potatoes
Nopalito & Egg
Bean & Cheese
Bacon & Egg
Country & Egg
Chicharron & Egg
Ham & Egg
Bean & Egg
Chorizo & Egg
Potato & Egg
Potato & Ranchero
Country & Ranchero

Migas Taco…..$1.69
Machacado Taco…..$1.79
(Extra item $.45)


Breakfast Plates Mix Only $4.99

Served with beans and 2 tortillas
(Extras $1.99 Guisada or Barbacoa)


Huevos Rancheros

Served with potatoes, beans & 2 tortillas
Eggs any style
2 Eggs & Beans…..$3.99

EXTRAS: Bacon, Country, Sausage, Ham, Chorizo, Cheese, Barbacoa or Guisada…..$1.99

Chilaquiles Plate

Served with potatoes and beans
Two tortillas…..$6.79
Pancakes Plate

Two pancakes and 2 eggs……$5.99
(Your choice of ham, bacon, or sausage) 
Extras: 1 pancake…$1.59 and 2 pancakes…$2.99

Huevos A La Mexicana Plate

Served with rice and beans
Two tortillas…..$5.49

Pork Chop Plate

Served with 1 pork chop and 2 eggs
Potatoes and beans with two tortillas…..$6.99
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